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Editing Instructions


Herewith only general editing instructions are presented.

Particular editing instructions will be applied on each paper by the editing board of each publication



Editing instructions for paper submission to Euro-aliment 2009

The paper will be edited in English. It will contain the abstract and the key words in English and Romanian (For Romanian authors) and/or other circulating languages such as French, German and so on.

    Page format A4 (210297); margins: top 3.5 cm; bottom 2.5 cm; left 2 cm; right 2 cm; header 1.5 cm; footer 1.5 cm.

      Number of pages: max. 6 (preferably in pairs)

      Font: Times New Roman 11, line spacing: single.

      In page arrangement:

    Title: bold, centred

    Author/-s: full first name and family name, bold, centred, family name with bloc capitals

    Affiliation: name and full address of the institution (no, St., postal code, city, country phone and fax numbers), e-mail

    Abstract: 50100 words

    Key words: 510 words or groups of 2-3 words, if possible different from the ones in the title, for indexation

     The paper has to be structured in: 1. Introduction, 2. Materials and methods, 3. Results and discussion, 4. Conclusions, References.

     Acknowledgements (or Acknowledgments), Nomenclaturea and /or Appendix shoulf be added if necessary.

     The figures will be inserted into the text after their first introduction. They have to be centred on column, numbered and entitled at their base.

      The tables have to be centred on column, numbered and entitled at their top.

      The references will be presented in alphabetical order examples:

Brown, F. and White, B. 2006. Work (paper) name. Magazine name in Italics, vol. nr. bold, pages.

Smith, F.J., 1998. Book title in Italics, chapter no. or pages if relevant. Print House, Place.

Morris, H. and Gray, M. 2000. Work (paper) name. In: Book name / volume in Italics (Editor/-s name/-s), pages. Printing House, Place.

All the references used in the Reference list should be cited inside the paper.



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