Honour Com EA07                              


Honour  Committee Euro - aliment 2007

Professor Dr. Eng. Viorel MNZU Rector of the Galati Dunarea de Jos University

Dr. Eng. Mihai MIHĂIŢĂ President General of Association of Engineers from Romania (AGIR)

Dr. Eng. Octavian COŞOVLIU President AGIR, Galati branch

Dr. Eng. Nastasia BELC, Ph.D. Director Food Bioresources Institute

Dr. Eng. Constantin ARSENI, Ph.D. President Association of Specialists of Milling and Bakery   

Professor Dr. Eng. Constantin BANU

Professor Dr. Eng.  Despina BORDEI

Professor Dr. Eng.  G.M. COSTIN

Professor Dr. Eng. Constantin MORARU

Professor Dr. Eng.  Gabriela MUNTEANU

Professor Dr. Eng.  Corneliu POPA

Professor Dr. Eng.  Mircea RĂUŢĂ

Professor Dr. Eng.  Gabriela Antoneta STOICESCU


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