Org Com EA03                              


Organising Committee Euro aliment 2003


President:         Prof. Dr. Eng. Mircea Bulancea

                              Dean Faculty of Food Science and Engineering


Executive director:  Prof. Dr. Eng. Petru Alexe, Ph.D.

                                          Vice dean Faculty of Food Science and Engineering


Secretariate:   Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Maria Turtoi

                              Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Anca Nicolau

                              Teaching Asist.  Eng. Carmen Creangă


Members           Prof. Dr. Eng. Camelia VIZIREANU

                              Teaching Asist. Eng. Angela Docan

                              Teaching Asist. Eng. Iulia Ioniţă

                              Teaching Asist. Eng. Liliana Gtin

                              Teaching Asist. Eng. Dana Moraru

                              Teaching Asist. Eng. Gina POPA

                              Teaching Asist. Eng. Aida Vasile


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