Org Com EA07                              


Organising Committee Euro - aliment 2007

  President: Professor Dr. Eng. Petru ALEXE – Dean of the Faculty of Food Science and Engineering

  Executive: Associate Professor Dr. Eng. Maria TURTOI

  Members:  Professor Dr. Eng. Rodica SEGAL – Head of Dept. Biochemistry – Technologies

                        Professor Dr. Eng. Gabriela Cătălina ROTARU – Head of Dept. Food Bioengineering

                        Professor Dr. Eng. Victor CRISTEA – Head of Dept. Fishing and Aquaculture

                        Professor Dr. Eng. Andrei CIOLAC – Vice-dean

                        Professor Dr. Eng. Camelia VIZIREANU

                        Associate Professor Dr. Eng. Elisabeta BOTEZ – Vice-dean

                        Associate Professor Dr. Eng. Luiza FLOREA – Scientific secretary

Secretariate: Professor Dr. Rng. Anca NICOLAU, Ph.D.

                            Lecturer Dr. Eng. Iuliana BANU, Ph.D.

                            Lecturer Dr. Eng. Isabelle METAXA, Ph.D.

                            Lecturer Dr. Eng. Liliana GΞTIN, Ph.D.

                            Lecturer Dr. Eng. Iuliana BANU, Ph.D.

                            Teaching Assistant Dr. Eng. Aida VASILE, Ph.D.

                            Ph.D. student Camelia BONCIU

                            Ph.D. student Ina SIMIŢARU

                            Ph.D. student Oana Emilia CONSTANTIN

                            Ph.D. student Corina NEAGU DAJBOG

                            Ph.D. student Leontina PETREA


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