Symposium topics                              



The main topics to be covered by Symposium are:

  •   Food structure, food quality and health

  •   Bio-active compounds and new developments in food engineering

  •   Chemical reactions in foods: mechanisms, kinetics and impact on quality and health

  •   Risk/benefits evaluation of food components

  •   Food authenticity and integrity

  •   Novel and rapid methods for food quality, integrity, and safety

  •   Future research needs and funding opportunities

  •   Novel processing and packaging technologies

  •   Advanced biotechnological, developments and applications

  •   Emerging pathogenic microorganisms, risk and prevention

  •   Sensory analysis: consumerís attitude to food

  •   Fisheries and aquaculture

  •   Organic aquaculture

  •   Advances in integrated aquaculture systems

  •   Aquaculture related diseases and health management

  •   Diversification in finfish production

  •   Fisheries and conservation of aquatic ecosystem



The official language of the symposium will be English.


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